Monday, May 27, 2013

Awareness watching awareness

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1). Never add anything to the Awareness Watching Awareness Method.

2).You are observing, not seeking. If you were seeking something, then there would be seeking and awareness watching awareness. That would mean you would have added seeking to awareness watching awareness.

3). Some days the mind may be noisy but if you keep on practicing a good day will appear when your meditation will go very deep without your trying to make it go deep. Never think about deep or not deep. If you think about deep or not deep then you would be adding something to the awareness watching awareness meditation. Just be content to remain with awareness watching awareness regardless of whether it seems like a good meditation session or not.

4). Just don’t expect anything and continue with awareness watching awareness. The fact that nothing is happening is great! If it seems like day after day, it is just the same, only awareness watching awareness, that is great! Just remain content with that. Because if you think that it is going to change, then you are adding something to awareness watching awareness, in the form of an expectation that it is going to change.

5).You can look upon your awareness as something that wants you to just watch it without expecting anything from it, like a person who wants to be loved just for what they are, not for what they can give you. So just continue to watch awareness, and don’t be expecting peace-love-joy. Let peace-joy-love come on its own without your expecting it.

6). What is real is awareness watching awareness, looking inward. What is unreal is looking outward towards the world of people places and things (it brings suffering, death, futility).

7). Remain content with awareness watching awareness. 

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 - Tu ne dois rien ajouter à la méthode "présence intérieure observant la présence intérieure".
 - Tu ne cherches pas, tu observes.
 - Ne t'attend à rien.
 -Ne pas penser à des choses comme l'intensité ou pureté ou encore l'approfondissement et autre.
 - Tu dois juste rester satisfait avec la présence intérieure qui s'observe elle-même. Rester simple, ne pas compliquer.

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